Friday, January 1, 2010

The 2010 Project

 You can learn (and learn pretty well) a new subject, talent, skill, or whatever if you devote three months to focusing on it.  You will learn it very well if you give it a year.  Therefore,  I am beginning a new journey for myself and those who choose to take this pilgrimage with me.  A creative voyage that will help us discover creativity as a wonderful tool to enhance every aspect of our lives and mission in life.

That is a challenging prospect for many creative types....and btw, everyone is creative (if you're made in God's image).  If you evolved from a monkey....well then, you may be short a creative gene or two.   Anywho...if you tend toward the creative in your personality, you'll feel a little bit A.D.D, or maybe a whole lot "distractable."   Shoot...I have 15 projects running through my mind, or on my computer all at the same time.  So, the idea of focusing on one thing for a year is a little intimidating.  On the other hand, I have the whole field of creative thought and process to roll my creative body around in.  So, I'm thinking, "Naw...I can do this."

So, I have two purposes for "TCL" blog.  First, it's a discipline for me...or at least an attempt to focus on one area long enough to really learn it.  I believe that "excellence" brings and gives the most pleasure and joy to others and to myself.  Second, I also believe that it will be a help to you, the reader, and "tryer-outer," so that you, too, can discover the joy of living a life to it's fullest.

Last thought for this post.  I am an Organic Jesus Follower.   What does that mean?  It means that I am also learning to live a practical rather than "religious" life with my beliefs.  Although I will not be writing this blog as a series of "religious" articles, the reader will occasionally read references to my belief system.  It would have to be that way.  After all, I am learning to be fully alive and fully devoted to the life my Creator intended as I embrace the fact that He is organically at my core and I am attached - in the deepest part of my being - to the Source of Life as my life.

I hope you join me for this new  year's pilgrimage in the practical discovery of "The Creative Life."


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