Thursday, January 14, 2010

How To Kill Kreativity

The creative (kreative) life can be killed (cilled)...umm...okay, stop it now.   Okay, starting again.  The creative life can be killed or seriously crippled by becoming too "mature/adult."  The Bible says we enter the Kingdom of the King by being like a little child.  

One of the characteristics of children is their playful approach to life.  When we begin to "mature" into adulthood, the playful gene begins to atrophe.  We start getting "serious" about life.  We consider the art of playing as a waste of time.  The reality is that being creative necessitates playing, experimenting, having fun, dabbling, letting your imagination go wild...and not cosider it a waste of time.  Playing is actually "serious business."  

In fact, I just started another blog which has the whole purpose of allowing me to play...wander...wonder without the pressure of having to be profound.  Just play with random thoughts.   If you want to check it out, here is the address:   It's called, "Eclectic Stuff."  Check in...follow...subscribe...whatever if you'd like to watch me play around in the toy box of my mind.

Until Next Time.

Playfully Creatively Yours,

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